Group Fitness

We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 12 people.  On top of that, your program is custom made for you by the Dr. himself, Ashley Mak.  So you can rest assured, you will get the attention you need.

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Strength Class

We all need strength.  To increase your physical capacity, you need to build a solid foundation of strength.  Our Strength classes focus on perfecting your technique and your capacity in the essential strength movements.  Whether you are brand-new to lifting or an experience barbell athlete, this class we help you reach your next level.


Conditioning Class

Better cardiovascular endurance, more speed, and a huge improvement in your general physical preparedness.  These are just a few of the benefits from joining our Conditioning classes.  These high intensity interval training classes combine bodyweight movements with weight training to get you ready for whatever life throws at you.

Physical Therapy

45-60 minute sessions that are done privately. This is no run of the mill clinic or performance session. There are no hot packs, ice packs or ultrasound machines in sight.  Every new client begins with a detailed assessment of movement utilizing the FMS and other performance based measures. Once the data is gathered, a comprehensive plan will be constructed for you that will lead you closer to your goals.

Interested in Physical Therapy?  Check out his clinic here.


Active Recovery and Mobility

Want to be more flexible? Move better? Perform better? Just feel better? Our Active Recovery and Mobility classes are a great way to spend extra time on keeping your bones and your joints healthy. 

What does it cost?

All new members start out in our Kickstart Program which consists of three personal training sessions where we get you ready to succeed in our small group classes. The cost of the Kickstart Program is $330. After you complete your Kickstart you can choose to join our small group classes. Our small group class rates are:

$199 per month for 8 workouts per month.

$229 per month for 12 workouts per month.

$269 per month for unlimited workouts per month.

Your first step is your No Sweat Intro, schedule a time to come into the gym so we can discuss your goals.