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Hudson River Fitness Fall Nutrition Challenge!

How it works:
When you sign up to participate in the challenge, you will receive an intake form about your fitness activity, nutrition habits and body type.  You will be provided with a customized program based on the information you provided.  This is not a challenge that will leave you feeling hungry or deprived.  We will not be shunning away carbohydrates and ice cream.  However, this challenge will push and help you learn how to plan out your day and meals so that you can enjoy the foods that you want, but also achieve the results that you want.
Some additional value that comes with joining the challenge include:
- Two Inbody biometric scans ($100 value)
- Weekly guidance and question fielding by Lindsay
- Accountability via daily points tracking and Facebook group teammates
- 15% off kettlebell kitchen orders with custom code for all participants

The price for the challenge is $199, with the opportunity to receive a $50 credit toward 1-month of customized nutrition coaching. For those who have already completed 1-month of nutrition coaching with Lindsay, the challenge will cost $150.

Another big perk, this challenge is NOT limited to just Hudson River Fitness members! Feel free to invite significant others.

Register here.

October 28, 2017

Pandas at Flipside Farm.  We will be visiting the farm again! New piglets have been born and will be a little over a year old when we visit them.  Get ready for a farm wide tour, workout, and pot luck style bbq to follow.  Friends and family are welcome!

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