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Special Announcements

Hudson River Fitness Field Day, September 14th

Come join us for a day filled with fun and games in support of Hope + Future, a non profit that provides health and wellness activities for youth in West New York. All are welcome. To help elevate the level of fun for this program, we will be hosting a T shirt making day on 8/24 at 10:30am (BYO T-shirt) where you and your teammates will make shirts to represent!

Couch to Fitness, first week after Labor Day

Have any friends who want to try out HRF but feel like they are too out of shape? This program is perfect for them to begin their journey. It will be meeting 2x/week for 6 weeks starting in September. Interested in hearing more? Email

Panda Mobility


Panda Travel Workouts


What are the class times again?


How to I register for class?

Our class reservation opens up 48 hours in advance! You can register for class through the zenplanner app on your phone or online. Class is full? Sign up for the waitlist! If you get bumped into the class, you will receive and email confirmation. Cancellation window closes 2 hours before class! Make sure you sign in when you walk through the door!

How do I purchase retail?

You can purchase retail through the ipad at the front of the gym where you usually sign in! All you need to do is click on the purchase button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select your items. Once your items are selected, put in your email and password and you are all set!

Traveling for work or vacation? Downgrade your membership to 8x or 12x! Or if you keep your membership active we will send to you 12 at home workouts to do requiring little to no equipment (so you don’t lose your gains!) Injured, sick, or family emergency? Let us know and we can put your account on hold so that you don’t have to worry about being auto-billed on something that is out of your control. We got you!

What is the hold policy?